The Scientific Case for EXPANSION TECTONICS

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At this stage there are a number of very important observations relating to the geological mapping shown in the Geological Map of the World that must be fully appreciated. As noted, this seafloor mapping represents a natural tape recording of the growth history of the reversals in the Earth’s magnetic field and, similarly, represents the factual distribution and growth history of the volcanic lavas that make up the seafloor crusts. This preserved history must therefore be strictly adhered to during any crustal modelling study as well as during assemblage of the various crustal plates and continents back in time.

A number of important observations can be appreciated from an initial examination of the Geological Map of the World map. These observations include:

It should be appreciated that none, or very little of this magnetic striping, age dating, or bathymetric evidence was available when continental drift,  plate tectonic, or Earth expansion theories were first proposed.